Radio Hosts Highly Recommend Steve Wohlberg!

My interview with Steve Wohlberg was a delight. He was well informed, passionate, and articulate.

Inga Barks
The Inga Barks Show
KMJ, 580 AM

[Jason:] Steve, thanks a lot for being on the show and I was really pleased with how you handle yourself on air. [Grant:] Steve, what a great interview!  You are passionate yet patient on the subject.  I thought you were well spoken and diplomatic in everything you said.  It is a tough subject to cover without stepping on toes, as it covers religion AND politics (and a book that is obviously a favorite to many). The spirit of Beyond Reality Radio is one of good humor without sacrificing deep thinking. The interview was very stimulating and I would love to have you on again.

Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson
Stars of the Sci Fi Channel's Hit TV Show, Ghost Hunters
Beyond Reality Radio

Steve Wohlberg makes for an excellent interview every time!  Our viewers are drawn to his timely topics.

Paul Arthur,
Host of Canada's IN SIGHT television talk show
The Miracle Channel

Steve Wohlberg knows his stuff, and is very engaging with the callers. Our listeners loved him!

Stu Epperson, Host,
Truth Talk Live

Steve Wohlberg was an absolute delight to have on our program. Couple Steve's well researched book and his preparedness for our many callers, and you have the workings of a great show. Steve also made our job as hosts much easier as his responses were brief giving us opportunity to go to commercial breaks as necessary. He is a wonderful communicator and we will look forward to having him back on Point of View. 

Carmen Pate
Co-host, Point of View
USA Radio Network

Steve, Greetings again from American Family Radio.  Thank you so much for being on our program Today's Issues.  You were a blessing to us and to our listeners.  The interview was very interesting and informative.  Thank you for giving us your time and expertise.  If we can be of further service to you, please let us know. Thanks again!

Tim, Marvin, & Cindy,
The Today's Issues Team,

Dear Steve, You've been an enlightening, thought-provoking guest each time of several that you've been on Sound Off on KPRL Radio. From pets to witches, you have a keen way of tying important topics and issues together. You don't pull punches with your opinions and comments, but you also don't philosophize, idealize or go 'over-the-top' in your well-researched and down-to-earth factual assessments of what people are thinking. To see the phenomenal response you garner from listeners quickly makes me understand that you are certainly on the right track. You, in fact, light up the phones without psychobabble, rhetoric or hyperbole. A great guest and well informed. A true believer in what he says -- captivating an audience, a reader or a congregant into at least thinking, "He sounds like he knows what he's talking about. My best to you, as always,

Joe Benson
News Director
KPRL Radio
Paso Robles, CA

In a day when many so-called 'experts' only spot read a subject, Steve is a breath of fresh air as he not only cautions us about the subtle messages of Wicca and Harry Potter, but has actually become an expert by reading all the books! Steve is a great guest, and I highly recommend him as an expert on the subtle, and not so subtle, traps of Harry Potter.

Dr. Rus D. Jeffrey
News Director
Live Line Talk
1420 WACK

Steve is as engaging with listeners as he is intelligent. An hour with Steve on the air seems like 15 minutes. His sense of timing is uncommonly good, even for major market radio. Mr. Wohlberg is the real deal.

Thor Tolo, Host
"Live From Seattle"
820 AM KGNW (4-6pm daily)

Hey Steve! I'd definitely love to have you on again!

Rick Walker, Host
89.7 PowerFM
Sundays (9:00 pm)

Enjoyed having Steve Wohlberg on and received several positive comments. 

Mike Martin, Host
The Evening Show

Steve appeared on my show recently and we discussed recent events in the Middle
East and the subject of Armageddon as it relates to Biblical prophecies. Even though my program is a secular talk show, the response from the audience shows that there is a great need for more discussion and awareness of Biblical prophecy as it relates to our current times.  I wish more programs would have Steve on because he is both spiritual and intellectual.  In other words, you can't argue with this guy. His message is on the mark.

Steve Norris, Host
"The Steve Norris Show"
Gillette, Wyoming