Endorsements of Demons in Disguise: The Danger of Talking to the Dead, by Steve Wohlberg

"Master writer Steve Wohlberg has done it again. His new book, Demons in Disguise,
reveals occultism's dark side, giving the reader chilling goose bumps which then become thrilling goose bumps when Steve portrays the final coming of the Holy One whom the unholy powers of evil fear the most. Virtual reality at its best, thoroughly scriptural, a fascinating read!"

Dave MacPherson,
Author of
The Incredible Cover-up

"Ye know not what you play with." A phrase I often tell those who think playing with the 'other side' is some kind of a game. Steve Wohlberg hits the nail on the head with his new book, Demons in Disguise. Not only is this book well researched, but he also reveals Hollywood's fascination with romanticizing the dark side of the afterlife. We must take a more active stance in protecting not only our kids, but also understanding what many times is portrayed as safe. Steve Wohlberg has provided a wonderful resource enabling us to actively seek out more 'family-friendly' forms of entertainment."

Dr. Rus D. Jeffrey
Author of Frame
by Frame: A Family-Friendly Guide to the Movies
News Director for WACK 1420AM, Newark, NY

Wohlberg has begun a new acronym: D.I.D. (Demons In Disguise). Here is persuasive unmasking of the supernatural imposters from the Other Side! This gripping book has candidly documented why popular beliefs about the afterlife have made the world's masses vulnerable; even the mediums, channelers and Hollywood movie makers are duped.

Daniel Knauft
Author of Search for the Immortal Soul

Steve Wohlberg, following the tracks I forged with my The Mystery of Death, shows how impersonating spirits can reach across to an entire generation through channelers, their bestselling books and countless television specials. Dark powers, masquerading as the deceased, are able to impact countless lives with occult beliefs. Using lucid insight from scripture, Steve Wohlberg does a commendable job in revealing the hidden dynamics at work in this time of deception.

Tal Brooke
Author of The Mystery of Death
President, Spiritual Counterfeits Project

What can be more fascinating than the idea of breaking through the ultimate barrier to the Great Beyond? Perhaps only this: to learn the truth about all such efforts and to discover that they are part of a plot of deception by the Dark Side of the supernatural! Steve Wohlberg has done his homework and presents his findings in this spellbinding new book that you will find difficult to put down. Best of all, he reveals the answer to the universal human longing for immortality that sends people to mediums, spiritualists and the like in the first place. I highly recommend Demons in Disguise.

Edward William Fudge
Author of The Fire That Consumes

In his new book, Demons in Disguise, Steve provides unquestionable proof that what may appear to be harmless, or even good, is often in reality a dangerous, deceptive trap of evil. Demons in Disguise is a 'must read' for those who are seeking truth in a world awash with lies.

Rob Pue
Publisher, Wisconsin Christian News